My Angel

Brooke Lynette

His head was held high,
An ego touching the sky,
Proudly he stood,
Yet, get beaten he would.

I watched in horror as the first strike hit,
They were killing him slowly... bit by bit,
I could not look away.. not at all,
Slowly I cried as I watched him fall.

He faught with strength I have yet to understand,
And his beauty was something surpassing this land.
Blow after blow he accepted from this strife,
Oh god, they were taking his life!

For a moment in time my eyes caught his,
And in all honesty, it was nothing but bliss.
His eyes told me stories I still see in my dreams,
I can still feel the pain and hear his screams.

As I stood watching in awe,
I couldn't believe what I saw.
I knew he was an angel but he brought it to light,
Those silvery wings were an incredible sight.

He faught with valor I can not describe,
He was an angel, I know it inside.
My heart broke when the last blood was shed,
But in my heart I knew he was happy in his flowery bed.

No longer would he feel the pain,
In Heaven he would truely be sane.
Held safely in his Mothers hand,
He would walk the beaches of happiness' sand.

And as his body fell to the ground,
There wasn't a movement, not a sound.
The angel's body froze into stone,
Then broke apart and his true colors shone.

And as his tears fell to the floor,
Everyone turned for the door.
I tilted my head and picked up a feather,
I knew that in my heart we would always be together.

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