There is a pull inside of me,
That yearns for my Soul to free,
A desire to ride upon the light,
And not on this world to gaze with sight.

Calling me home, I know not where,
This geas is laid, if only I dare.
Calling me forth the pull is strong,
Is it here or there I truly belong?

Less and less is holding me fast,
Freedom calls and the die is cast.
Enchanted song fills my ears,
And upon my cheek are a few wet tears.

Reaching blindly for the Sun,
I burn my fingers and am undone.
Wanting only a little joy in life,
Instead I find only endless strife.

Why do I fight when it never ends,
And always seems my Soul to rend.
Hollow Victory stands unmasked,
And my deepest questions die unasked.

Listening to the Sounds of Time,
Only discord seems to rhyme.
Here or there only Time will tell,
When finally I depart this shell.

Humor hides the pain within,
Never more to let others in.
Icarus unbound I flew too high,
And dared to try to touch the Sky.

Foolish thoughts we mortals dream,
Washed away by Time's uncaring stream.
Shining armor fades with rust,
And on my heart grows another crust.

Jagged rips in my soul will heal,
But to trust again seems unreal.
Alone my fate for time to come,
Any other way and I am undone.

Wandering unseen throughout the land,
Only silence to take my hand.
Harden my heart for one last stand,
Living untouched as I walk through quicksand.

Born in strife and then to die,
All the time we wonder why.
Endless circles in Time we weave,
Until the end our souls will grieve.

Tears for the Love we thought we had,
Restless Dreams that leave us sad.
Desires drive us until the end,
Self made demons our hearts to rend.

What is the answer only time will tell,
Do I stay in this hollow shell?
Is there more in Life for me,
Or is there only agony.


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