Peanut's Pumpkin Carols


Halloween is becoming a forgotten holiday. We dedicated followers of the Great Pumpkin must do something to rekindle the Halloween spirit. Let us not rest until the universe resounds with Pumpkin carols.

Pumpkin Bells

Dashing through the streets; in our costumes bright and gay,
To each house we go, laughing all the way.
Halloween is here, making spirits bright
What fun it is to trick-or-treat
And sing pumpkin carols tonight!!


Oh, pumpkin bells! Pumpkin bells! Ringing loud and clear,
Oh what fun Great Pumpkin brings When Halloween is here!

Great Pumpkin Is Comin' To Town

Oh, you better not shriek, you better not groan,
You better not howl, you better not moan,
Great Pumpkin is coming to town!
He's going to find out from folks that he meets,
Who deserves tricks and who deserves treats;
Great Pumpkin is coming to town!
He'll search in every pumpkin patch, haunted houses far and near;
To see if you've been spreading gloom, or bringing lots of cheer!
So you better not shriek, you better not groan,
You better not howl, you better not moan;
Great pumpkin is coming to town!!

Deck The Patch

Deck the patch with orange and black Fa la la la la, la la la la
Take along your goody sack Fa la la la la, la la la la
Don we now our gay apparel Fa la la la la, la la la la
Troll the ancient pumpkin carol Fa la la la la, la la la la
See the great one rise before us Fa la la la la, la la la la
As we sing the Pumpkin chorus Fa la la la la, la la la la
Follow him as he ascends Fa la la la la, la la la la
Join with true GREAT PUMPKIN friends. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

I'm Dreaming Of The Great Pumpkin

I'm dreaming of the Great Pumpkin, Just like I do this time each year.
When he brings nice toys to good girls and boys who wait for him to appear.
I'm dreaming of the great pumpkin with every pumpkin card I write.
May your jack-o-lanterns burn bright, when the great pumpkin visits you tonight.!

Shivery Yells

We're on sidewalks, we're on porches, dressed in costumes to scare;
Through the city we're ringing the doorbells.
Trick or treating, candy eating, gooey stuff in our hair,
But the most fun is shrieking out loud: SHIVERY YELLS, SHIVERY YELLS,
That's the Halloween nitty-gritty.
Moan and groan, leave us alone,
Halloween's just one night a year.

Up In The Pumpkin Patch

Up in the pumpkin patch, witches pause,
Out jumps the Great One; hear the applause?
Down through the rows with goodies and toys
All for this follower's Halloween joys!
HAUNT! HAUNT! HAUNT! who wouldn't want..
HAUNT! HAUNT! HAUNT! who wouldn't want?
To be in a pumpkin patch CHEER! CHEER! CHEER!
Waiting for the Great One and being sincere.

Pumpkin Wonderland

Screech owls hoot. are you listen'in?
beneath the moon; all is glist'nin--
A real scarey sight; we're happy tonight.
Waitin' in a pumpkin wonderland!
In the patch, we're watching for Great Pumpkin;
We've been waiting for this night all year.
For we've tried to be nice to everybody,
And to grow a pumpkin patch that is sincere!!!
Later on, while we're eating; what we got trick-or-treating;
We'll share all our sacks of Halloween snacks;
waiting in a pumpkin wonderland!!

O Pumpkin Cards

O pumpkin cards ! O pumpkin cards!
Carry greetings to my friends...
Let them know the day is here;
when Great Pumpkin will appear.
O pumpkin cards! O pumpkin cards!
Carry greetings to my friends.

I Heard The Bells On Halloween

I heard the bells on Halloween their old, familiar carols scream,
And wild and sweet the words repeat
The pumpkin season's here again.
Then peeled the bells more loud and strong
Great Pumpkin comes before too long!
The good will get the bad will fret
The pumpkin season's here again!!


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