Lynn Hubert

Mother, dear Mother, the day has begun,
come with us dance, come dance in the sun.

Mother, dear Mother, the moon it is high,
she circles and dances, like birds in the sky.

The music is calling, come dance in the light,
come dance with the moon, we'll dance through the night.

The dark clouds have gathered, how dark its become,
Your ways are forgotten, the fires have begun.

In the womb of the earth, come with me sleep,
We'll lie 'neath the ground, your secrets to keep.

Till your children remember, we'll sleep 'neath the plough,
I'll lie in your arms, come sleep with me now.

How long we have waited, how long we have slept,
throughout the long night, your children have wept.

The new day has dawned, Your dance has begun,
the moon and the sun have risen as one.

Silver and gold, they glide arm in arm,
beacons of hope, we are safe from all harm.

The wheel it has circled, the wheel it has turned,
the witches, Your children, have all returned.

The sun has arisen, how bright is the light,
the moon she is dancing, in joy at the sight.

Dance with us, Mother, come dance in the sun,
come dance with the moon, at last we are one.

Come dance with us Mother, at last we are one.

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