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Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 12:58 pm
by Ragnar
Lotus wrote: Do you think that the universe (or whatever) blocks things that you are not guilty of? If this was true then there would be no need to shield yourself and the fear of energy vampires would be unfounded.....think about it.
Well I would say that is why we keep on the good side of Tyr, justice, and the Norns. Plus to some extent is that not what totems are for?

Imagine if I was taking you on a tour of Berlin, and you went to do something that may get you into trouble here, but not at home, giving a nazi salute to a traffic warden, for instance. My natural reaction would be, in doctor Strangelove style, pull your arm down and pin it to your side until the danger was over.

Is that any different to what your totem is there for? Is it not, deep down the same thing as the "universe" protecting you from something that you really speaking would not be guilty of, because no one had told you you could get five to ten for the action? (By the way, THAT is true, so any one coming here, please bare it in mind.)

Ha. That last bit in brakets is another example. I am protecting you not only in space, but time.
Lotus wrote: Are pagans really the enforcers or should they even function as such?
We were given a great responsibility, when we were allowed to recognise, and work with our powers. My feeling is that people with the knowledge to "put things right", have a duty to do that.

We were, in my opinion, given our skills to make a difference. If we do not use them for that when we can, then that is what we Norse meen by refering to having gold to offer the God's.

The "gold" is not a dull yellow metal found in Fort Knox, it is the experience we have gained from using our given powers in the service of the God's.

Then that may be the policeman in me speaking.

(Hello, I am Vimes and I am a suspiscious b*****d.):-D
Is it really wrong to be a vamp? Is the energy that they drain is truely *your* energy or is energy just energy?
I think it is quite acceptable to drain energy, if that energy would be otherwise wasted, or used badly.

I would have no compulssion about draining energy from a tabloid reading soccer fan. Because his energy is only wasted in trivial pursuits. When it could be put to better use in healing, or defence/attack against negetive energy.
Lotus wrote:Maybe this needs to be moved to the ethics area or a new post needs to be started:
When is it ethical or justifed for someone to either curse or bind someone as in, when is it time to be enforcer of the universe/karma?
I have re-read the whole thread, and think it is more to do with the ethics of energy use, than about how energy is used. So I will leave a ghost here and put it onto ethics board.

Good call Lotus.

Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 5:20 pm
by Willow
I am officially in over my head, I will have to just sit back and learn from you guys.

However, I don't ever really feel that it is right to curse, mainly because I don't feel that I am a good enough judge of people's internal motivations to police them in any way.

as for energy sucking, never tried it. I know people who wear me out, but I always examined that psychologically.

Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 10:22 pm
by Ragnar
Willow wrote: However, I don't ever really feel that it is right to curse, mainly because I don't feel that I am a good enough judge of people's internal motivations to police them in any way.
In some circumstances, I think you are right. But there are obvious cases where you can see that people are intending to do harm, where I think it is justified.

There are also cases where you do it to stop them doing themselves, and others harm. For example a newbie who insists on repeating mistakes that he/she has made before, that have caused damage or harmed. THAT is a case for binding rather than cursing, but still a reason to do something.

It is, in fact, very similar to the disiscions a policeman makes. Whether to arrest, or summons, or just take 'em down a dark alley and have a stiff word. :-D

Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 6:04 am
by Willow
That's possible. Is cursing or binding the best route? can you have a good stiff word with that newbie?

Accountability is a difficult subject at the best of times.

Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 6:55 pm
by Ragnar
Willow wrote:Is cursing or binding the best route? can you have a good stiff word with that newbie?
Of course, the whole armoury must be considered. :roll:

I was thinking that the "good stiff word" had allready failed.
Ragnar wrote:a newbie who insists on repeating mistakes that he/she has made before,...
I am not sugesting we should role out the nukes just because they are experimenting with basic technology.

(Allthough that may be the answer that some world leaders would come up with, mentioning no names. :lol: )

Posted: Wed May 24, 2006 11:51 am
by Kitsune
My opinion is that Binding is always wrong... but I'll also make certain to add that I was actually wrongfully bound once.

The people who did it, said that I needed control and that the binding would give me that, and that after they had taught me control they would remove it. They then spent the next 3-4 months ignoring my questions, and my growth as a whole. I also discovered when a friend (in the same group, it should be said) helped me to remove it, that one of the binders had put in a small intent that drained my energy and transfered it to her.

I'm under the impression that if you're a good enough teacher, then you shouldn't need to bind your students. My SO has bound people before, always telling them why he has done so, and telling them that as soon as they either learn control or find a teacher that the binding will leave as it won't be needed anymore.

As for the Energy Vampires... It depends what we're talking about. If we're talking about "Bad Day" vampires, it's just silly. Everybody has those sort of days. True Energy Vampires can't help themselves. There are 3 types of people, Producers (who produce more energy then they can generally use), Neutrals (whose energy production tends to keep them at an even keel) and Vampires (who do not produce energy, and therefore must feed off of others). I believe (perhaps because I'm naive) that most energy vampires don't realize what they are doing. Also these types tend to not drain people dry, and only take a little from everybody. These people are not dangerous unless you get a whole bunch of them starved and together in one place. Energy Vampires who simply take what they need, even if they know they are doing it, are not bad either. They take what they need, usually from producers who have lots to spare. The ones you have to watch out for are those who know what they are doing and deliberately drain you dry. They are doing wrong, and they know it. Draining a little of one's energy doesn't hurt people as we can produce it. But if enough of our energy is drained at once, we can become ill simply from our systems imbalance. Then it is wrong. Otherwise it's no different than hunting to eat. If you eat what you hunt, you're fine. If you tend to hunt, and then not eat, you're wasting and hurting the system.

I hope this made sense. My brain doesn't seem to want to kick in today. Too tired, I think. :lol:

Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 10:23 am
by FyreGarnet
Well, I've had a conversation of this nature with someone before. Personally, I think there are times when a curse can harm you, but there are times when it cannot. The person perpetrating the curse must be stronger than the potentially cursed person, in order for the curse to work. It does not always have to do with belief, but it can. If someone does not believe in a curse, then the self-fullfilling prophecy is not enacted.

As for energy vamps, I think it is just a fad that the authors and fluffies are going through. Though, I'll admit that I know I'm a psy vamp. Though I don't yet know how to control it.

I'd say that there are a few people out there that use it to do harm, but I think that many who are psy vamps are also pagans, and tend to realize that it is not necessarily right to use it negatively.

These are just my views on things, and I know I ran through it quickly, so message me if you all have questions or just want to talk.


Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 12:06 pm
by runewulf
hmmmm, gotta make this brief and for that I'm sorry ( and some of your are breathing a sigh of relief, lol )

Are curses real? Yes, they are. Are they as common as some people think... that's situational. Just because there is something wrong in your life doesn't mean someone has "cursed you". Of course, there is always that possibility. Can you sense this? With training, yes. Some people will feel it, others see it, smell it, be told via scrying or the cards or runestones. It depends on how your intuition works. Often times curses are caused by people believing that they are cursed or by believing strongly enough in something negative related to them that they build up their own "bubble" of negative energies, thereby "cursing" themselves.

Can these be broken? Yes, fairly easilly. I agree the Chris Penzkak's books would be a good starting point. But you can always just cleanse yourself, your home, etc. and keep pouring clean energy in, willing the negitivity to banish until it fades away (this may take several applications) or do basic banishing/purifications ritual(s).

Are psi-vamps real? Yes. Are they as common as some people say, no way. Like the book mentioned earlier about cutting everyone who is negative out of your life. There aren't that many psi-vamps. It's not all that uncommon, but not that common either. Some people are naturally psi-vamps, others learn to become them. Basic shielding can take care of this though. (see previous post on basic shielding).

Wassail und wunjo,

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 11:32 pm
by Ragnar
Hello Ruewulf =D>

Glad to see you are still alive, more importantly, you are stil around here. :-D

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 6:22 pm
by runewulf
yeah, still alive and kickin'