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Re: World of Wifecraft!

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 2:00 pm
by Mahala
You're awesome Bandersnatch. Cookie for you.

I just got all my stuff back up from the crash. (Thank the Heavens! My backup did manage to save all of my writing, reports and work... including a love song list that's over 3 pages long!)

I'm guessing I have to re-level many of my Diablo characters now... and some of my Zoo Tycoon wasn't saved. I prefer computers as a gaming console, because I can game, work, write, and have my music all in one place. But the maintenance and security, backing things up, etc. Can really kill you.

Re: World of Wifecraft!

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 8:31 pm
by Kitsune
Speaking of which, I really need to do that... I'm at 40 pages of my book written (though not edited yet, at all, so I keep finding story inconsistancies when I go through them), and I have so many pics that my computer must be bogged down by the weight of them all. I'm also a "camera whore" and that never helps either. #-o

I used to play Guildwars, but I found that my characters died way to often, and if you don't want to travel in a group, there's almost no way to "fix" the problem... I still have my account, but I haven't played in a year or more. Nope, I'm just not a computer gamer.

Although, I could really do with one of those super slinky corsets! I went wedding shopping for a bustieu (one of those awesome bras... darn it, how do you do the spelling check on here now? :-x ) recently, and this got me thinking... I don't own any "fun" slutty outfits for the wedding night... I'm going to have to look for something! :badgrin: O:)

Re: World of Wifecraft!

Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:18 am
by Kystar

Were you playing GW before or after they added the Heroes that you can specify their class/equipment and all that? I've found that establishing heroes that compliment your character's skillset is very useful. Like, I've got a necromancer/mesmer to deal out some denial while I'm blasting with my own spells.

Maybe you weren't playing an effective class for your gaming style? What was your primary/secondary and focus?

I'm just curious b/c I've discovered that there are only two primary classes in GW that I can play regularly without getting turned into a skid mark on some monster's foot, or bad guy's boot! But classes that I can't even comprehend, someone else can make work for them.

My level 20 Ascended/infused is a Necromancer/Elementalist. Her focus is actually Fire Magic, but she uses Blood Magic too...sometimes curses.
My level 15 Nightfall Character is a Warrior/Necromancer. Sword is her primary, with Blood to gain life. This one is new, and is inspired by a friend's absolutely lethal W/Nc.

Just curious, if you don't care enough to think about it, don't bother writing it all out...not a big deal.

Re: World of Wifecraft!

Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 8:01 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
Kitsune, not that you need more stress before the handfasting, but have you considered making yourself some slinky outfits? I'm making my bellydance outfit right now, and it's actually a lot easier than it seems. (Making my dress for your handfasting has really got me back into sewing - but I can actually sew this time around! A seamstress would slap me, but I like it!)

For a corsette, you'd have to work with spines which I found very very difficult in making my prom dress about five years back. But I found anything to do with a pattern and sewing machine hectic back then.

If you go to a fabric store, check out their patterns. Especially in the costume section of a pattern library (or filing cabinet) you can find amazing outfits!

PS - I'll post a picture of my bellydance outfit when it's done. It is a semi-shamanic dress.

Re: World of Wifecraft!

Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:53 am
by Kitsune
Actually I found a great site that has a few excellent corsets that I can use for everyday wear... I've wanted one of those for years.

As for making my own, I don't even have a sewing machine at the moment. :roll:

I'm hoping to buy a sewing machine one day, and then I'll hopefully be able to start making a few things. In the meantime, I am stuck with buying things. :-(

As for my characters in guildwars, I honestly can't remember what I played... I think I played a ranger/elementalist and a mesmer/enchanter or something like that. I really enjoyed the games at low levels, but like I said, I enjoy playing alone. And you're supposed to play guildwars with other people, not by yourself...

To put it in perspective, my crowning moment of glory was when I was given a small boar that came out for last years chinese new year pack, since I was only playing Nightfall, and not the one before it.

Grimwell would like to play online with me, so he's trying to find games that would be more my speed... If I get into any of them, I'll let you guys know!