Secular Ethics Classes - Bishop Needs A Clue ...

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Secular Ethics Classes - Bishop Needs A Clue ...

Post by white_harmony » Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:27 pm

I don't know what is happening in our schools these days insofar as Religious Education is concerned, mostly because they keep changing what they can/will and will not teach all the time. Our schooling system is pretty simple - public schooling has no ties to any of the churches or religions; private schooling is usually funded and run by particular churches and/or religious groups. When I went to school (I went through the public system) we were made to do 1 hour of religious studies a week (which is incorrectly named IMO .. it should be renamed to Christian studies) from grades 1 through to 7. When we hit high school in the public sector, the closest we got to religious studies was the occasional motivational speaker or "put on a gig" guys maybe once a year. Some of them were pretty good too. I like what these guys are trying to implement, and if this was available to me when I was a kid in school, I certainly would have gone.
THE Bishop of North Sydney has urged Anglican priests to collect information from principals of public schools to stop the spread of the secular ethics classes the Sydney Anglicans believe may threaten religious education.

In an email seen by the Herald, Bishop Glenn Davies urged ministers to contact the principals of public schools in their parishes to ascertain the exact numbers of children enrolled in religious education. This was even though most schools were not involved in the trial, which is being piloted at just 10 schools under the guidance of the St James Ethics Centre.

''The St James Ethics Centre claims that there are large numbers of students not enrolled in SRE [special religious education],'' the email from Bishop Davies read. ''We need to gather some accurate information to challenge this claim.''

Bishop Davies added that ''there is an urgency to this request'' and asked for results by the following week.
Further down the page ...
''There is absolutely no desire or intention to weaken religion or eliminate scripture from schools and to suggest otherwise is misleading,'' the centre's head, Simon Longstaff, said. ''The reality is that, prior to this trial being mounted, in some schools, 50 to 80 per cent of students were electing not to go to scripture.''

The course would let children who did not take scripture class examine ethical issues, but without an overarching theology, he said.
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