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The value of this site

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:02 am
by elmarna
In the way I see it. This site could be SOoo much more!
A library is a valuable resource. It is a place you come to call upon the assets of knowledge and be inspiredM
This site could be this in so many ways! Everyone that comes here is a valueable resource!
While we read the posts - it is only those who share and place the words on the page that are making it what it is.
So many have no replies. So many have no activity.
In the world of understanding it is best considered in more than 1 way. Reading 1 book on a subject matter can be lacking.
While I can not force anyone to contribute to this library. I would hope those reading may find it a great place to inspire their belifs to be responded to and used in the greatness of them.
This site stands as a great opertunity to do so!
It can encourage great things and let others who would have never considered what you have found wise a wealth of wonder!!!
I will not give up on the glories of what this place can be.
I will only wonder why you come. Look around , but fail to see it in the way I do!