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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 8:05 am
by Kitsune
This may not be the right place, but in addition to the proper protections, you may also want to consider what you're doing. When I was young & dumb, me and a few like minded friends had just gotten into paganism, and I said that I knew a spell to contact the dead and let it speak through a host. We did thus, and got a dead speaking. It was unhappy at being summoned and I ended up having to banish it. It had taken possession, but fortunately, didn't have enough control to do much else. I should add that in the casting I had included a clause saying that the girl who was laying down could break this spell whenever she wished, and it "convinced" her that she wanted it to stay even though she didn't. The room afterwards smelled like something rotten, felt cold and damp, and when they checked the walls later, they were completely rotted through, although they were fine when checked a mere 2 months before said incident (It was actually a new addition to the house). Please be careful... The dead are not something to be played around with.

Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:41 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
Yikes sounds scary, Kitsune!!

Yes I don't think the dead should be intentionally "roused" unless they come to you first, even then only let them near to talk if you have heavy duty protection. Heck, I don't let the departed near me unless I am in a Reiki treatment (and I have set up protection and only the Highest of the High can come through), and even then I ask that a Guide be a medium!!!

After all, wouldn't we get angry if we were pulled into altered states just to entertain a circle of ghosts? Especially while driving? :lol:

But then it is another thing if they contact you, in which case I can see the value of such a book as Konstantinos's, if done in a proper manner or read in such a way that you would keep in mind the morals and the cautions and COMMON SENSE.

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 8:35 am
by Artemisblessed
i haven't tried any of the things in the book yet. i suppose if i'm still headstrong and cocky when i DO try it, it will be a learning experience. after all, what better motivation to NOT get possessed by the dead if it's already happened? :lol: just kidding...

i think (if i remember correctly) that you don't summon or anything, you just say something along the lines of "i would like someone to talk to me" and then wait with the little tape recorder on and that's it. as for the last few methods, those are where it starts to get dangerous, however, if you've gotten to that point, you've probably made some ghostly friends and met some reliable spirits, so it'll be a lot easier on the channel. however, i do have to agree with you both. TAKE THE RIGHT PRECAUTIONS!!!!!