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Wish List

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:15 pm
by S├Čle
I wondered if anyone had a wish list, and, if so, how many books were listed. Mine currently stands at 80 books, which may be a bit excessive. Most, though are pagan, with a smattering of fiction.

What books do you desire?

Re: Wish List

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:05 pm
by Kystar
My Amazon Wishlist got stripped down to "I need" instead of "I want" it's just around 20.

I have a few "I want" wishlists, but they aren't books...mostly clothes, household gadgets and neat geek toys.


Re: Wish List

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:05 am
by Max
All the books :-( I've banned myself from buying more (I break this rule often). Mostly I like my classics, or a lovely gothic novel. *sigh*

Re: Wish List

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:59 pm
by Kitsune
I was so good today!

I got a Chapters Gift Card for my birthday and bought 4 books on Writing and Editing Novels and one book on Spirituality (I'll put up a review when I finish reading it.) I happened to see my Dad at the checkout line (coincidence, if you believe in that), and he seemed really impressed with my maturity, since I wasn't just spending the card on Manga and Fantasy novels, but on something that will help me achieve my goals.

Grimwell made a point of letting me know that I had really matured in the last year as well... I feel so adult now. And just think, I'm only 12 years behind schedule. :lol:

Is this yet another example of Pagan Standard Time at work? :lol:

Re: Wish List

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:06 am
by Dark Waters
For the holidays I got $55 in Border's gift cards. I'll probably spend it all on Mangas, but might pick up some Pratchett while I'm about it.

Re: Wish List

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 4:22 pm
by Kitsune
What Mangas are you currently collecting DW?

I'm currently collecting Red String, Fallen Vampire, & Vampire Knight Guilty. There are a few new ones I can't wait to start collecting as well... First on that list being Black Bird.

Because I'm the Goddess is a three book run that was great as well. It's just one of those fun ones to read, even if it's never serious.

Re: Wish List

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:12 am
by Dark Waters
The three largest collections are Naruto, Inuyasha and Bleach.

Others I am still collecting are Rosario Vampire, Bound Beauty and xXxholic.

I also have completed Ranma 1/2, Black Cat, Ai Yori Aoshi, Chibi Vampire, Her Majesty's Dog, Death Note, Loveless, Hell Girl, Pretty Face and Read Or Die (Both Series)

I might start trying to get the old Oh! My Goddess series from the Website.

Re: Wish List

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:03 pm
by Kitsune
I've got the full Rosario... until they start up with the second season... manga's 11 & on. Great ending!

I do have one qualm with Rosario though. If Tsukune is no longer human... since he's now a mindless killing machine (without his Rosario) then why do they still worry that "Someone's going to find out he's human?" Bah! It makes no sense. On the other hand, I still love it, and something so small wouldn't keep me from reading it anyway.

I do enjoy Inuyasha, but I can't stand Rumino Takahashi's work in Manga form. Her anime are great though, so I usually wait for the anime version. I'll be waiting for Rin, actually. That should be a funny one to see done as an anime.

Re: Wish List

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:12 am
by Dark Waters
Sometimes the anime is better than the manga. Look at Bleach, whole sections like the Bounts were added into the anime that never appeared in the books. Naruto is the same, the anime has at least a full season between Naruto/Saskae battle and the start of the Shippoden series.

*hangs head in shame*

Hello, my name is Doug DeGraw and I am an Otaku.

Re: Wish List

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:53 am
by Kitsune
You can't get by without being Otaku! Did I mention I got the first Season of Wolf & Spice from my Dad for a Yule gift? \:D/