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Wizards First Rule = Legend of the Seeker ?

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:06 pm
by Kitsune
Okay, so this is going to come off as a bit of rant... And there will be spoilers! Just a warning before I get into it here.

Okay, so I was chatting with a friend of mine recently, and he told me about Legend of the Seeker, a tv show made of the Sword of Truth series. I've read five or six of the books, and while not a fan of the series :roll: , they're good enough books if I'm bored and have read every other book in my collection and I'm too poor to buy more. Anyways, to continue, they started with Wizards First Rule, the first book in the series.

Here is a VERY brief synopsys of the first few chapters.

Richard Cypher's father was murdered a few weeks ago and he's determined to find out who did it. While following a lead (a strange vine that he's never seen before) he meets and saves a woman named Kahlan from a group of four men intent on her death. It is revealed that Kahlan has very powerful magic, which we can infere is released through touch. Richard takes her to see his brother, and he learns that she is not from his country (blocked off for many years by a barrier from the others). Kahlan tells Richard that she must find the Seeker to help defeat a villian by the name of Lord Rahl. The key to his defeat is in a magic book. As luck would have it, Richard has memorized the book by heart, but doesn't tell Kahlan this, since she wants the book, and its knowledge, destroyed. Richard takes Kahlan to meet a "Cloud Speaker" named Zedd, an ecentric old man who supposably speaks with Clouds (or something similar). Surprise! Zedd just happens to be the one Kahlan needed to find. Richard comes down sick from a poison connected with the "out of place vine" and Zedd heals him. Kahlan tells Zedd that he must name the Seeker and is dismayed to find out that it is Richard. The townsfolk are convinced to attack Zedd, but are turned away using the Wizards First Rule (People are stupid). Richard, Zedd and Kahlan go to find Adie, the bone woman, to find a way past the boundary. They are nearly killed a couple times, and Richard fights few actual battles with other people but more often the battles are against himself or the environment. Richard and Kahlan get into the Midlands where Kahlan comes from, but have to leave an injured Zedd behind.

Not a bad start to a book. There's a bit of action, some interesting characters and an "encyclopedia brown" style mystery. The TV show, murdered this story, which as I've said, was only just on this side of "decent" to begin with.

The tv show first starts off with Kahlan and her "sister" Denne, (I believe was her name) is killed just before she crosses the boundary, chased by four brutish men of Rahls (she still dies in the book, but not told for half the book). Then we find out that Richards father is alive and Richard apparently spends his time building bridges. Richard saves Kahlan from them, but one escapes. Richard finds out that Kahlan is a conffessor and she leaves his company to find Zedd. Richard is told by his father to go see Zedd and he gets there at the same time. Richard is spoken of in a prophesy that made Lord Rahl kill the firstborn son of every family in an entire city, and Zedd got him out. Richard is handed the sword and the book of counted shadows and delivers said book to the enemy(four men who tried to kill Kahlan). As they are trying to escape, the townsfolk attack them, egged on by the man that escaped, and Zedd uses Wizards Fire against the townspeople. Richard and his merry band meet trouble with the boundary (Richard tried to walk into it and Zedd saves him by throwing himself in). They take Zedd to see Adie. Adie has given the Nightstone to the enemy to help him cross the boundary. There is apparently an army on the other side of the boundary that has been trying to take down the magical boundary with rocks. #-o Richard gets the book back, burns it, and then defeats the enemy. Unfortunately, the boundary comes down and Richard and Kahlan kill off the entire army. Zedd walks up to them and says, "Ah, good job. Now, lets go defeat Rahl" and the show ends....

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

I'm not even a fan of the darned book and I felt depressed by the stupid changes made, for not better reason than "It's easier to follow this way" from what I can tell. The TV show makes the "Encyclodpedia Brown" mysteries of the book seem shining and brilliant in comparison! Here I was hoping for a good fantasy series... What I got was D&D with a vaguely similar plot line and a such a trite contrived storyline that it hurts.

It's bad if you don't know the story... but knowing the story, it just makes this travesty even worse.

](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

You can find the show on a few of the "Free TV: websites. Although, quite honestly, I would only suggest taking a look so that you too can gripe about all the bad things tv does to screw up our genres or because (I've been told) that Kara is a gorgeous hottie in Season 2 (wearing Red Leather for those of you who don't know). :badgrin:

Re: Wizards First Rule = Legend of the Seeker ?

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:40 pm
by white_harmony
Gods above .. Don't get me started on that series! It started off well enough, nice idea and all ... Seemed that most of the story line was dragged out, lots of things repeated. And then he wrote Faith of the Fallen. I truly thought that the end of that book (which was left on such a fantastic cliff hanger ... It made you cry for more more more!) that the series would take off again, and continue with this obvious burst of fabulous writing he had tapped into. But no. We were graced with Pillars of Creation and A Naked Empire ... And those books were nothing more than a sad attempt to keep the series rolling.

So I'm kind of scared that they made a TV series about this series. And the fact that they screwed the story ... That just makes me wanna ](*,)

Ok, rant over lol.