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MoonChild - by Aleister Crowley

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:56 am
by Hytegia
A wonderfully clever book about Magick, interwoven with a deep and thrilling storyline.

I young man joins a magick coven, who intends to spread good things and enjoy life. But, it turns out they are in a war with a black Magick coven, constantly turmoiling and fighting all over the place in all sorts of Magick.
The White Coven then goes through the processes of impregnating a woman with a Spirit, that would then head them to the top of the power list (basically making a Spirit incarnate).
A tale of nobility and deciet, love and sex, purity and drugs, and a powerstruggle that breaks the world out in war... Surely a classic to be read and enjoyed. ^^

Once again - MoonChild by Aleister Crowley