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The Ringing Cedar Series by Vladimir Megre

Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 9:43 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
The Ringing Cedar Series by Vladimir Megre


Vladimir is a Russian entrepreneur who, on one of his boat fleet's expeditions up the Ob river, stopped over at a small hamlet to sell some wares and entice the young people into celebrations. There, he met two oldsters who asked for 90% of his employees to hike a trek of 20KM through Siberian forest to chop down what they described as a Ringing Cedar. What's more, they would pay Vladimir to do it! Once they chopped it down, the company were to chop it into as many pieces as they could, then wear it around their necks (as well as give similar pendants to family and friends). This wood, they said, especially when rubbed in times of strong emotion, would bring great healing and great character changes to the wearer. They would become happier, smile more, and be more giving. The youngest of the oldsters revealed one such pendant on his chest, a highly polished enchanting thing. How long had he been rubbing it to make it shine with such lustre? Ninety-Three years, he answered. How old was he now? One hundred and nineteen!

Vladimir left the oldsters at the call of one of the men on board his ship, ignoring (and later forgetting) all that the oldsters had told him. After all, he had a business to run. Not long after, he became ill from a duodenal intestinal ulcer and osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine, and was committed to a Russian hospital for several months. There, the only thing he could think of was the oldsters. He began studying cedars (pine trees) and their health-giving properties, and after acquiring some cedar (pine) oil, was healed of his complaints.

He mustered up what was left of his earnings from the last business trip, along with like-minded individuals, and started the venture all over again, this time with the hidden agenda of finding the ringing cedar.

When he came to the same village, he stole away from his companions at night. But, instead of the two oldsters waiting for him, there was a young woman at the edge of the forest. She also knew about the Ringing Cedar, and agreed to take him there.

She walked backwards almost the entire way, never growing weary, never tripping, and even caught Vladimir when he tripped with unbelievable ease and strength, never faltering in her speech. Vladimir soon learned she lived in the Siberian woods, naked, though suffered no cold or illness. Not only that, but she was incredibly brilliant (with an unsurpassed knowledge of mathmatics, science, psychology, etc), was strong and agile, and unbelievably beautiful. She could heal others from a distance with her "Ray," could see the past and the future, and knew a great deal more about life and "God" than anyone. What else? Animals in the forest respected her, fought for her attention, and FED her at a mere snap of her fingers. Did she train them to do it? No, it was information taught through generations of mothers to cubs, who had done similar for her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on through many many generations of Siberian recluses. This is Anastasia.

The best part? True story.

This is a 9-book series. I’m on book six. I am floored, and excited about the prospect of a family domain where the fruitful plants grow abundantly and require no maintenance. She gives detailed instructions on the best way to plant a seed, to raise a child, and how to cure Russia’s economic problems.

It’s definitely a book that bridges Christianity and Paganism. She speaks of God and Adam and Eve, but with the clear reference that she does so because Vladimir is more familiar with those terms. And she tells how the religious scandals bled through the land with the purpose of distracting people from what is really Divine in the world and that we are creators and co-creators.

Definitely an awesome series. I whole-heartedly recommend it!