Basic Energy Work and Cultivation

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Basic Energy Work and Cultivation

Post by runewulf » Thu Oct 06, 2005 6:10 pm

Ok, next up.. I promised several people to put up some info on energy exercises/energy manipulation. This post will delve into that using several techniques.

To start off with, what is energy? Energy is a form of power and it's all around us and inside of us. There are countless sources of energy. Whether you call it magick, aural power, mana, prana, chi, ki, kundalini, etc. it's energy. While there are many forms of energy, the energy of life, which I just gave several names to, is something that with practice and some effort on your part, you can put to use for yourself in 'Magick', 'healing', etc.

Start this work with the breath meditation.

Now that we've gotten past the meditation and are in a more "magickal" state of consciousness, we're going to work on pushing and pulling our own energies.

Energy Circulation

Place your hands a few inches apart and push your energy down your right arm and out from your right hand to your left mentally. Keep your body relaxed, but with each breath, 'push' with your mind, telling your energy to move down your arm and out of your right hand. Given a few minutes or less, your left hand will start to feel the energy, it may be hot, cold, pressure, tingling, static-like, etc).

Now that you feel your energy pushing from your right hand with each exhale, feel that energy pulling into your left hand with each inhale. You will feel the energy coursing back up your arm and into your body.

Keep doing this until you feel your energy flowing smoothly from your right side out of your hand and being pulled back into your left hand and into your body.

With practice, you'll likely find that you sense the energy coursing through your body in a long path as well as through your arms and hands.

note: if you're left handed, chances are you'll find it easier to push out of the left hand and draw into the right. It never hurts though to work both sides, pushing from both right and left as well as drawing from both.

That is a basic exercise in energy circulation.

Taking this a step farther you can gradually spread your hands further and further apart. This brings greater control and circulation. Just make sure you don't move your hands so far apart that you can't feel the energy flowing any more.

Energy Projection/Shaping

Another basic but important exercise is projecting energy and shaping it. The easiest way to do this is to hold your hands about 6 to 12 inches apart and 'push' the energy from your right hand towards your left, but this time, don't pull the energy in, let it flow between your hands, building up. It sometimes helps to push your hands closer together and then back out, using soft "molding" motions to form a sphere shape.

Keep pushing and building the energy until you feel like you can hold any more between your hands, then push just a little more. You should feel almost like you're holding a solid ball between your hands.

Congratulations, you're holding a ball of energy in your hands. This energy can be put to any kind of use you need it for, given the right intent and "programming".

For now though, since you're not actually setting out to do spell work, but just an energy exercise, you'll want to draw that energy back into yourself. You can do this like in the circulation exercise by drawing it into your left hand. Some people actually bring it to their mouths and 'eat' or 'drink' it. A lot of others press it into their lower abodomen and 'will' it 'home' and feel it being reabsorbed.

When you get this exercise down, experiment with other shapes and sizes. Nothing says you can't make a 'beachball' of energy, or a cube or pyramid.

Pore Breathing/Energy Gathering

This is an exercise in drawing energy into yourself. This is really an extension of the meditation itself and is very simple.

With each breath in, feel energy being drawn into your body through your skin, filling you with new energy with every breath. Keep feeling this as your energy gathers and builds until you feel like you can hold no more.

A variation on this is to visualize/feel your arms spreading like huge tree branches and drawing energy into you from the air, moon, sun, stars, etc with each breath.

A second variation is to see/feel you body pushing roots deep into the earth and drawing energy into yourself with each breath from the stength of the earth.

When you're done with any working, it's always best to 'push' any excess energy you feel yourself holding down into the earth, letting it drain away. Holding extra energy that you're not using can cause some undesirable side effects.

Energy Battery

Ok, the last on for this post is the energy battery. This is a simple exercise that allows you to literally make batteries of energy you can draw on or use in spell work and healing later.

You'll need a stone or some other object to use as the battery.

You can start this off with the pore breathing or one of it's alternatives if you wish, or you can just use your personal energy.

Now, take your battery object in your hands and begin to 'push' your energy out, like in the shaping exercise. This time though, instead of building a sphere, push the energies into the object itself.

Keep pushing the energies in until the object feels like it can't hold any more or until you start feeling drained. If you're feeling tired, it's definitely time to stop.

When the battery is 'charged', visualize or feel yourself binding the energy to the battery, so it can't disipate. The idea of a knot works well. A rope or cord actually makes a good battery, with each knot being it's own 'cell' that can be untied when the energy is needed.

Ok, I'm going to close here. These are good, basic energy exercises that can be used to both develope and improve your abilities to work with energy. They are also a good foundation for active magick. Once you hold energy or while building it, you can program it and send it off to do it's job. So, these really are the 'building blocks', so to speak.

I hope this helps some of you and clairifies a few points for a few others.



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