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Let's Pull Together - Saturday May 23rd Economic Spell

Posted: Wed May 20, 2009 3:58 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
Everyone is losing their jobs!

As a demographic who has a good understanding of spellwork and manifestation, I feel we are well equipped to offer our services and give our economy a bit of a boost. Economists are predicting 10-15yrs of downtime. What comes up must come down, but let's give a helping hand, yes? I'm a strong believer that lessons can be learned, balance achieved, and polarities expressed without pain and heartache. It often does include pain and heartache, but it is not necessary.

This weekend (Saturday the 23rd of May) please pray, spellwork, ritual, manifest, dance the web of life, visualize, whatever it is that you do best to manifest, to heal, and to generally get things done! Because working on those levels does not demand a certain space/time, I'm putting forth the intention that everyone's efforts collectively take effect and power each other up at 00:00 GMT (17:00 PST, 20:00 EST, etc). You don't have to do this. I like this idea because I will not be able to do any work at 5pm Saturday; however, I am able to tonight and tomorrow, and hold the intention that my workings take place at 5pm my time.

Blessings and abundance to all!