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African Woman's Curse/Lover's Spell

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:40 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
The backstory for this is a bit long, though important, but basically myself and a pregnant woman will be casting a spell to break a curse.

My friend met her lover in Germany a few years ago. He (Kevin) is a Kenyan man with a Kenyan passport, though his entire family has German passports and are German citizens (after moving from Kenya about ten years ago). They fell in love, but he can't even visit Canada because of his Kenyan citizenship, despite letters, family, and employment in Germany proving he would return. At every step, the German government blocks his path. Well my friend became pregnant at the beginning of March, and they are both happier about it than I could write here. They are getting married,, hopefully in time for the daddy to see baby born.

More hoops to jump through; more German racism and nonsense. In the midst of this, his mother comes back from Kenya. I'll give the backstory on her:

Kevin, his two brothers, his mom, and his stepdad (who was a German man) moved to Germany ten years ago for the stepdad's health. He died, and they stayed, visiting Kenya sometimes. Kev fathered a baby girl in Kenya, and his mom returned there to raise this baby with the mom, leaving Kev to raise his brothers alone in Germany. (The mom even RENAMED the baby girl!! When Kev talked to her again, she didn't know her own name, but the mom's name for her!) Kevin, finally, has stood his ground, told his mom that he loves my friend, and is moving to Canada. She flipped out on him, cursing him "in the name of Jesus Christ!"

Yet, she doesn't return to Kenya. She is staying, so that the brothers can be looked after. The youngest brother is 14.

Well, long story short, they had their wedding date set, but it never happened because the lawyer (whom the mom said they MUST use) sent the wrong papers (for $1000!). He sent an email scan of them instead of the originals, when, for €30, he would have sent them (but didn't tell them!). Months later, the lawyer (who won't return Kevin's calls, but "has spoken with" the mom) finally has the originals. The mom sends her friend to pick them up, who will mail them from Kenya. Instead of mailing them, which is roughly $300, she sents them with a PILOT to mail them from Germany! They haven't heard a word about them, and assume all is lost.

It's fishy that the super-expensive bogus lawyer, and the dumb-as-paint friend are both recommendations from the mother. I feel strongly that she has carried through on her curse, and perhaps employed some people in Kenya to do the work from there. Voodoo? Spells? Who knows. The mother is Catholic, but you know how it is when you bring Catholicism to tribal religions.

Oh, and Kevin was in danger of deportation because his visa was expiring. Kev got a 3 month extension on his visa, but isn't legally allowed to work.

So, my friend is 4 months pregnant. We would do energy work to illuminate the field and make the curse ineffective, and align their haras so that they could get this done. However, I can't do heavy work on my friend because she is pregnant, and Kevin is far away. Even though I'm good at long distance, there is so much emotion around this for the both of them that I think a spell will be a very efective way to restoretheir protection and get them back on their paths so their walk is easy.

The thing is, I want to also bring the papers to them. There has been so much difficulty here that part of me doubt this might be their path, to be together. I feel strongly that it is, but I will have to be careful not to step on the whole "Highest Good" thing.

I will do work on them individually, so that if it it is their path to be together, they will follow it easily, and that way avoid "love spell" stuff. Basically, clearing the barriers on them **Separately.**

Now for the curse. I know there are one or two articles here on breaking curses, but I want no harm done to the mother, the lawyer, or the friend. They are confused, angry, and hurting, stewing in their own wounds. What first came to mind was something involving my friend drawing the mother on a piece of paper, projections and all, and burning it, thus having the idea of "Everything negative that this woman is causing is destroyed and transmuted." What do you think? Do you have ideas? Suggestions? I don't have as much experience with curse-breaking spells.

Sorry for the long backstory. Any help/information is appreciated muchly!!

Re: African Woman's Curse/Lover's Spell

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:21 am
by Hytegia
*AFTER an exaggerated 3 Hours of Pondering upon this post, while sifting through his research notes through old Ramen packages and other trash laying about his room, he find the pages he was looking for and begins rea-*
*He slams a seat on the computer and cuts it on. Quickly, he click on the Internet and types in a frenzied storm!*

Well, there's a few ways to break a curse. Simply put-
1) Smack it with a Bigger, Pointier Stick (to say, Cursing the Curse's Curse?)
2) Redirect it
3) Taking the Metaphorical Hammer to the Metaphroical Nail (Spirits and Dissipation).

Now, the first method is a little tougher (and was mainly a Conjecture upon my end., I never really had the chance to try this method out). Simple matter is, you Curse the Person with a stronger Curse, therefore null and voiding the origional Curse laid on by the previous Curse, since a more powerful energy had been laid to waste on them... Which you could then theoretically remove later and then there would be no more curse!

The Second, you try to manipulate the Curse as to it's origional grounds... Like fooling it into going somewhere else, or doing something else (for example, it would be like using White out and a pen to alter a Report Card. Not much help, but that D looking like a B would be GREAT!) that would make it act differently for a certain time. This is also theoretical conjecture.

The Third, is a method I HAVE done. Send Spirits to counter the Curse, Ward off the energies and bonds feeding the Curse, and have them wear some Amulets or something to keep them on the Up and Up with some Spirits guarding them (Like the SATOR SQUARE or the ABRAHADABRA TRIANGLE to ward off Evil and bring good and pleasent energies, while the Spirits can lay waste to the Curse if it comes around again).

But, the greatest method of Curse-removal is my favorite........ But it can't be truly made. Magick can only imitate it. It can't be controlled, or contorted, or anything the like of it. The Purest form of Absolute Good... Love is the Ultimate Curse Breaker. If the Sun were to be a Curse, then Love would be SPF 1 000 000 000 000. :D

I hope your friends have better luck, CHL, and I hope that you can help them follow their hearts, and break this foul curse above their heads.
Send them My Reguards, if you wouldn't mind.

Re: African Woman's Curse/Lover's Spell

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:51 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
The ritual was fantastic. We used stones and almonds, and cast a circle by a lake. We called in very high beings, and infused the stones with the negative aspects of each person (mom, friend, Kev), and almonds with the parts of them which need to be healed. The stones were cast away into the lake to be healed/cleared. The almonds were buried with many healings and intentions. Each was done separately.

It was a lovely, powerful, intense ritual/spell, and much healing will come of it. One of the two papers has already arrived.

Re: African Woman's Curse/Lover's Spell

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:11 am
by white_harmony
That's wonderful news! I hope it works as planned, and things start taking a turn for the better for your friends. It is such a similar situation to one of my girlfriends (whom we have talked about in the past, and they are still not able to get things moving ... *sends you a PM* lol)... Really, you just see this kind of behaviour far too often these days. *crosses fingers* Really hoping things pick up for them!

Re: African Woman's Curse/Lover's Spell

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:13 am
by Max
Hey that's great news. I had tried to reply to your post when you first posted it, but it wouldn't send. I'm glad I didn't because what you did sounds wonderful and sounds really positive.