serious discussion on magick and energy usages in the world and affects.
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Post by elmarna » Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:34 am

In the world of positive and negative. We all refer tho the energies around us in a philosophy that grasps the meaning of it and responds to the world in how we "see."
The world around us has diverse resources that manifest the selves in the state of "being" than the coloured version of dark and light that man uses as a reference point!
So that you understand my train of thought I will step outside of the world of polarities and powers and aply them in a native american thinking. The word is "medicine." In the worldof it is to apply the powers, enpowerment and service to a means to a ends that is not normaly supporting "good and evil."
Life is not about dark and light. Good and evil. It is about good medicine and bad medicine.
If I have a bottle of Penicyline (pardon my spelling it is a antibiotic).
And I take the medicine and get well - it is good medicine.
Now if I take this same bottle and give some to a friend which causes him to have a allergic reaction and posssibly die -- this is "bad medicine."
In the realms of application I believe the energies apply as well - both inside and out!
To support the awareness of the spirit energy or forces is to realize the relationsship in the world does respond.
If I have mastered positive energy not only can I heal people with my touch that let's my resources connect, but I may heal in the words that sooths the nerves and let's the person feel good as well.
The stronger my energies get the more confident I am.
I can let my feelings speak to me and translate a room without 1 word being said.
I may never fail to see the inpoetance to this form of communication and understanding.
Perhaps it is best called the ancient world wide web!
My brain the computer and my nerve endings WI FI!

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