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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:33 pm
by Hawk21
I have been experiencing not being able to visualize. I mean i can not see anything. I have always been able to see. I'm sure what exactly happened. I guess i should tell you I journeyed however, things got rough real fast. I couldn't seem to get through my hole. Something was keeping me from going. Then I asked my friend if she would help me get through my hole. Somehow that meant holding on to my hand as you jump through other peoples journeying. Anyways, I seem to get stuck in one of the other people's tree, very long and very dark. I couldn't see and unfortunately panicked. Ever since this moment I have not been able to visualize anything. I found out I had lost part of my soul. I got it back by a Shaman he received my soul and returned it safely to me. But i still am not able to visualize anything. I have cleansed my Chakras, sometimes I can not even feel that I am grounded. I need some help figuring out why I can no longer see. Any thoughts?

Any help would be helpful. Thank you