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Any suggestions?

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2004 12:34 pm
by Passion
Hello and merry meet!

I would like to start with a little about myself as others have done. I am a young wiccan, weather that makes me a pagan I am not actually sure? I have not been practicing long enough to call my self experienced but at the same time my knowledge is growing rapidly. I find most aspects of the craft interesting and enjoyable particularly natural healing and plant life.

As to further my knowledge and understanding I have been looking up new spells and recipes but as to date have found none that appeal to me. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any involving herbs or plants that they think would not be to complicated or consume to great a time - although all suggestions are helpful...

Please feel free to post ideas yours Passion x :P

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2004 1:35 pm
by Wbdsgnr1
Paganism is any religeon that does not consist of the big 3 of the world (Judasism, Islamic, or Christianity) and being Wiccan is a subset of Paganism.

And if you want my personal opinion spells are the least important thing in Wicca. Its all about growing spiritually. But if you still want your spells, the most powerful are the ones you write yourself.

good luck.

blessed be

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 5:52 am
by Draconia
I agree with Wbdsgnr, but if you want to know about herbs try catching Stormy when she pops in here. She would probably be able to help you.

And by the way welcome to the library! :-D

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 1:17 pm
by davisherm
welcome to the Library!

As far as spells go, I don't think any of mine would work, as they're tailored to my own needs and methods. What you may want to consider is writing your own spells, just little ones at first, and then if it works for you, move up to bigger spells.

I've always found that a personal touch makes for a better spell, anyway. As far as plants go, I'm only good with Trees. I kill everything else, and haven't had much luck with herbs or anything like that. That's my lady's department.

Blessed Be.

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 1:34 pm
by Stormy
Welcome :-D glad to have another new member of the family here.

I agree with what has been said in that 1) spells aren't the most important part of being Wiccan/Pagan and 2) spells you write yourself are going to be much more powerful because, in reality, the spell starts (and the transfer of your energy to it) not when you physically begin to enact it, but when you begin the preparations for it.

As for herbs and plants, I'll be happy to help you out on any questions you may have. I had tried starting a once a week post on a different herb at one point but, unfortunately, life and work has been keeping me away from the boards a lot so that didn't come to much. But if you need to know about a specific plant just post a question about it - I know that I'm not the only one here with a vast store of herbal knowledge so I'm sure you'll get lots of responses.


Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 3:19 pm
by melina
Welcome :-D Like they said, spells should be something you make themselves, and they really aren't super important. Take me for example. I'm extremely dedicated to my religion, and yet I've done maybe two spells in the two and a half(almost three now) years I've been practicing. Make sure you're good at focusing your energy and that you're very close with the God and Goddess before you delve too deeply into spellwork :-D

By the way, I love your name. I've always thought passion was one of the most beautiful and meaningful words in the english language. It has a strength and emotion behind it that most other words don't have. I know that's really weird, but it's the way I think :-D

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 3:27 pm
by Lotus
Welcome and I hope you find what you are looking for here.

When I first started It was helpful to me to use spell books as a recipe book and twink it towards my needs and style. And of course, I agree that spellcraft is only a small fraction of what this is all about.



Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 7:51 am
by Fairydust
as lotus said..I too started using spell books at first, but then as i started to become more comfertable I started making my own..It was very fun..trying to find the right beat and the right words...I love making my own spells...but sometimes I just look up to the sun or moon and say what Im trying to empower and its like a spell in some ways...