The “Emily Event” - Emily Rosa and the Therapeutic Touch War

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The “Emily Event” - Emily Rosa and the Therapeutic Touch War

Post by Librarian » Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:23 am

It's good to see some of our kids are still taking a science education seriously, and see adults taking them seriously.
APRIL FOOL’S DAY, 1998, DAWNED CLEAR AND WARM in New York City. Three people, with an ungainly piece of cardboard and a towel, exited a hotel overlooking Central Park and clambered into a limousine marked “Emily.” They picked their way through traffic towards Rockefeller Center and an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, the first of many that day. Despite the weather, the Rosas were in the eye of a whirlwind of activity and controversy which continues only slighted abated today.

It was the first day of an event unprecedented in the contemporary skeptical movement. Eleven-year-old Emily Rosa had conceived and executed an experiment that challenged the basis of one of the most accepted “alternative” healing procedures known: Therapeutic Touch (TT). It was reported in one of the most respected of medical journals — the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). (Preliminary results of the experiment were originally published in Skeptic magazine vol. 4, no. 4 (1996) and vol. 5, no. 2 (1997)

...That leads to the lesson that medicine should take away from the Emily Event: don’t ignore this stuff. The only way for quackery to succeed is for good scientists to do nothing. Don’t just attack it — refute it. True, it’s a Herculean task (there are an infinity of ways for people to be wrong), and not everyone is suited to do it, but someone must.
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