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New and curious

Post by Dovahkiin » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:07 pm

Hi everyone! :-D

Over the last year, I've grown very curious about my family's history. My grandmother and great-grandmother on my mom's side both have/had a strong sense of spirits. My great grandma was born with a veil over her face, which I've been told is a sign of strong psychic senses. I've also been told that a dark streak in light hair (I have a pitch-black streak in mine) is a sign of being a witch. ;-)

I've only ever had one experience with a spirit before, and it was when I was very small, so I have no memory of it. According to my mom, we were at my grandma's house when out of nowhere I started giggling. I was looking at the corner of the room, and playing peekaboo. When my mom asked what I was doing, I replied that I was playing with "silly Papa Joe". Apparently that was my great grandpa's nickname, and he died when my mom was young. I'm sure that he was checking up on the family, and he wanted to make me smile. :-)

My hypothesis is that over time, any abilities I had have been locked away, as most children are repeatedly told that there are "no such things as ghosts", and I simply stopped seeing them. The point is, I'm trying to learn how to be open again. I'm not sure how though, so I came here. :-) any help would be greatly appreciated, as well as any insights into what it really means to be a witch. :-)

Thank you for listening to my rambles. I hope to learn something, and perhaps spark an interest in other things as well. :-)

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