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Re: Green Man

Post by Kitsune » Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:15 pm

It is always wonderful when you can question an author on his work directly. I'm able to do this with SM Stirling and I must admit, it always increases my understanding of the subject.

I wasn't going to look for this book, but after my move I may have to... I have a basic interest in all of the old myths, especially since I am writing a book that deals with a few of the old creatures of myth and legend.

Welcome to the boards, and thank you for discussing the relative merits about your book so concisely! It is always good to see a book from the authors perspective. :-o :-D
Trying to create a world, even in words, is good occupational therapy for lunatics who think they're God, and an excellent argument for Polytheism. -S.M. Stirling

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