Reboot has 5x the Maplestory M mesos fall speed

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Reboot has 5x the Maplestory M mesos fall speed

Post by Sletrry » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:05 pm

MaplestoryM Mesos is really each player's host. Locating a map might be hard, but it is worthwhile. I recommend saving all the EXP coupons you're able to with this because the field type doesn't burn off becasue. You did it. You got your mule to 150, or 200, or anything you were trying to reach. Even broke bitches need legion mules.

Just feel free to leave your ideas in the comment area if you have some good suggestions/opinions about my coaching, and I would love to consummate this manual. And I am sure that you all have known that CBT 2 will arrive on 18th July, which means we will begin to offer MapleStory two Mesos at precisely the exact same time too, let us look forward to it.


I recently made it to ground 33 on tower of oz with my phantom (3 pill slots, appearing to strike flooring 40 once I unlock the 4th pill slot today!!) ; however, I felt just like my mobbing was quite inferior in tower of ounces, particularly in phases where you have to kill 200+ monsters that predominate in tilted and spaced ledges.

I was using Showdown using prenombre along with the ghost teleport skill but I feel like that I could use a distinct 4th job skill to maximize efficiency. ? Does not even need to be 4th job skills!Showdown (allows for easy jump attacking, additional drop rate, and speedy cast time).

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