Esbat Ritual



  • Everything needed to cast a Circle,
  • Wand, Scourge, Priestess' Athame
  • Priest, Priestess

Here is the sequence of events in a standard Esbat ritual.

  • Cast Circle
  • (Optional: rare) Declaim Ancient Call
  • Drawing Down the Moon
  • Charge
  • (Optional: rare) HP declaims Ancient Call
  • Great God Cernunnos Invocation (generally omitted if Drawing Down the Sun)
  • Witches' Rune (or other circle chant, eg. Ancient Call)
  • Cone of Power
  • Insert optional Circle work here (eg. Sabbat ritual)
  • Wine Blessing
  • Cake Blessing
  • Relax and chat; Coven business discussion, teaching, etc.
  • Close Circle
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